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  1. Here are my newest logo's : http://g2f.nl/06quybm http://g2f.nl/0nq17g6 http://g2f.nl/05xhl93 http://g2f.nl/04lf0xf http://updo.nl/file/2edb4251.png http://g2f.nl/0phhswf And a vector format of a old drawing: http://cymonie.com/HostForOthers/SVG/Moon.svg
  2. New bakground ! 1. Find a photo of mountains. 2. Cut the sky and mountains in different layers. 3. Find a photo of the moon. 4. Paste it by the other stuf. 5. Make the sky and mountians darker. 6. Make the moon brighter. 7. Add the burst effect . http://g2f.nl/09jkk6p
  3. Thanks ! The 3xZero logo is not finished yet . I just don't get the idea >.<. But where can I find Anti-Alias? Thanks! ===================================================== I just finished a new logo : http://cymonie.com/Images/Cymonie-Logo.png
  4. Sorry for my bad English, I am Dutch. =============================== Hey, I am new to this forum, and for a beginning I would show my (best) requested logos . Al this logo's are made for games. And if you would see all my logo's and the requests, you should check out this topic: http://www.game-maker.nl/forums/topic,79706.0 Ps. The tags doesn't work :*(. Requested: Logo's: http://g2f.nl/0nn5625 http://s14.postimg.org/tzzx8tblt/Phonr.png http://g2f.nl/0fovnoe http://s14.postimg.org/ml096kakh/image.png http://s14.postimg.org/va2c1lurl/Bounce.png http://g2f.nl/05d3t6m http://g2f.nl/02x75m6 Not requested: Backgrounds: http://g2f.nl/09jkk6p http://g2f.nl/0p3hg01 Logo's: http://cymonie.com/Images/Cymonie-Logo.png http://g2f.nl/0plfqwc Thanks 4 looking -Ceymoonie (Cymonie.com)