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  1. i dont think the "new bits" include extreme lag... or its not supposed to... unfortunately for me, it is included.
  2. well as far as the resources go... i run windows 7 with a E6700 3.2 dual core, 8gb ram, with an 8800GTS gpu. I know its an older vid card, but i did not start to have problems with it until this update. the image in which I had problems with (but was fine on the older version) was a paint.net file of about 18 layer. layers differing in transparency, and blending modes. 1920x1080. which is the size that i used to do all work in just fine. when i would load the file, even the layers window/box would take forever to load the thumbnail of each layer. like literally 30 seconds to load 18. another thing i noticed, when i used the magic wand tool, tolerance pretty much anything below 30 and global selection, it would not "finish" at all. a pop-up would show the progress, but it just continued to go over and over. eventually after about 20 minutes, i had to kill it in task manager. clicking the close button did nothing, and alt-f4ing did nothing. reopened the image, took forever to load, same problem with thumbnails, but decided not to use the magic wand. instead i would choose a selection, then ctrl+drag to select more. after doing this 3 times, it became extremely laggy and would take at least 20 seconds to actually "select" what i selected. sometimes it wouldnt even register that i clicked and dragged at all. Like I said, I know its an older GPU, but I have never had any problems at all using the older version. not once. Never crashed, never experienced lag, never had any issues. I love Paint.net. in my first post i stated that it is the only program i use except for one other. I have used it for years. I really am saddened by this whole situation.
  3. I just updated my paint.net today to the version 4.0.2 . I was running 3.7 or something like that. I am going to be honest here, I think this update was a bit.... bad. I am sorry. I really think the changes from the version I was using to this version are just horrible... I hate saying this because Paint.net is the only program I use except for gimp to make gif files. It saddens me. It really does. the UI changes, the feel of it. And the fact that it has turned into a complete resource hog. I am having a hard time opening files in this version, when I could open then perfectly fine with no lag at all in the old one. 4.0.2 just.... lags constantly. It is horrendous. So, is there a place I can "downgrade" to an older version? I dont care about addons, the ones i used before are all i need, anf they worked fine for the old version. Again I am truly sorry. But i think this update was in the wrong direction. Just bad.
  4. This was actually my first tut that i followed here. Had a decent result. Wasnt to happy about the planet texture though, but it worked until i can get better. Added a few other things from other tutorials as well. http://i.imgur.com/idD4b8m.png
  5. Hrm... i know this topic is old, but its still on page 1. I have been tinkering with paint.net for a long while, and I am self taught. I decided to step up my game and read some tuts to become more talented. I am still quite noobish but I am trying. Here is my attempt at with this. I added some more steps afterwards, such as shape3d to make the flowers look as though they are blooming upwards. The flowers themselves were made from this technique. AbstractRoses http://i.imgur.com/oPtdzZX.png
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