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  1. Updated to v1.031, fixes some locale bugs with decimal separators.
  2. I've added a new GUI tool, RAWFile LAB, which plays nicely along with the RAWFile import plugin. Enjoy.
  3. A dcraw based RAWFile plugin with an advanced GUI. After a raw image is loaded in paint.net, metadata and parameters used by dcraw are captured and saved to an xml file. White balance multipliers, darkness, and saturation are transferred back to the GUI, creating an efficient workflow for raw conversion experimenting. The GUI also shows the metadata output from dcraw for the last image loaded in paint.net. GUI pictures: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=DACC258C6FE8087C&id=DACC258C6FE8087C%216137&parId=DACC258C6FE8087C%21105&o=OneUp Usage The RAWFile LAB GUI will appear when you open a RAW image, if not already open. After adjusting parameters, you may either hit Reopen to open the image in paint.net with the new parameters, or go and reopen it directly in paint.net. RAWFile.dll features Supports 23 raw file extensions - tested with samples from link at bottom New: Nikon .NRW Recent: Aptus .MOS, Hasselblad .3FR, Kodac .KDC and .DCR, Panasonic .RW2, Samsung .SRW, Minolta .MDC Installation Get latest 64-bit dcraw.exe from the link below. Rename dcraw64.exe to dcraw.exe and place it in FileTypes plugin folder. Drop RAWFile.dll and RAWFileLAB.exe into the same folder. Download RAWFileLAB-v1.031.zip dcraw.exe: http://www.fastpictureviewer.com/downloads/#links (64-bit, version 9.27 as of writing) RAW file samples (optional): https://www.rawsamples.ch/index.php/en (loads all file types I have tested) Old version without GUI: RAWFile-
  4. Hi, I just registered to comment on this! Rick, thanks for responding on this issue and xod for bringing it up again. I don't think this affects "only a small percentage of folks". In fact, I think this must affect a large percentage of users, the reason being: I have installed v4.0.6 (also tried v4.0.5) on at least 5 different PCs, some Windows 7, and some Windows 10. All have this issue! I wonder if this is a locale specific bug, as I live in Norway. The PC at work has English Windows 7 (but uses norwegian locale), the rest have Norwegian versions installed. For me, this is so annoying that I use v3.5.11 - the last version where window positions sticks. Thank you for an otherwise fantastic software! /edit: ps: Maximised main window does stick in v4.0.x, but that's it.