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  1. Hi all  :roll: - I solved my own problem by doing the Paint.net update, then double checking what version of CBM I had: I didn't have the newest one  :roll: ! LOL

    So I removed the old version and manually put in the new one and everything works fine now.


    Thank you everyone for your help  :mrgreen:

  2. Hello,


    After I updated my custom brushes mini I have been unable to download any new brushes. I go to Brush Eezy.com  and download according to the instructions on Paint.net: Download, open, extract, and place them in documents/Paint.net user files/custom brushes. I know I have them in the right place but they do not show up when I open Paint.net./Effects/custom brushes mini.

     I did do a search for this problem but came up with nothing.

     Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Hello,

    I downloaded the Photoshop plugin, and while I was searching for plugins I came across this site and wanted to make sure its okay to download from?

    Edit by Rick: link removed, we don't want to even accidentally link to them!



    It really looks like a Paint.net site but I need to be sure and if it is not it should be brought to everyone's attention.

  4. I think you all are wondering why I've been on here so long but don't have much in my pictorum....my life has been quite rough this last year with having a close friend commit suicide and the loss of my sister and nephew. I have slowly gotten back into Paint.net and want to put out good quality art that will hopefully inspire, make people think, and fascinate them.


     I apologize for my lack of being here but I want to reassure all of you that I am very excited about starting up working with Paint.NET again....I think with some of the short answers to my questions (usually I try to put some humor in my posts) I feel like I may have offended some of you; I apologize if I had. I just ask that you please be patient with me and I feel quite ready to work on my art again.  

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  5. :glum:I feel very discouraged and very misunderstood...... Let me go over this again:


    When I try to download in the Pictorium  the url box freezes on my screen, it will stay on and will not go away, it will stay that way until I hit the back button to go to the last page. Please just ask me if there is something you don't understand in my posts. If you need me to I will send a screenshot to you. I will see later on today if this glitch has worked itself out.

  6. It's doing it to me again :lol: !  Paint.net forum is not allowing me the option to post my pictures in my post that I was going to put in the forum; When I go to post my pictures I go to the attachment link and it's not there. Also it does not sow the Additional Reply button at the bottom, but in this post it does..... Oh well.


     Anyways, these are two different projects that I've been working on. The first is about two ideas I had: 1. How to make a vampire bite look real (still working on it). The second is this character that I've been writing about...a vampiress that usually doesn't hurt her victims but leaves them with a smile on their face :D.


     Please feel free to tell me what I need to improve on or what you would do differently with these pictures.





  7. I can't figure out if this is an ISP issue or if Paint.net is having issues: When I try to upload an image into the forums the rectangle box where you put in the URL address in (mine is Photobucket) usually stays on the page for a long time, I can see my image is downloaded but the box freezes ( it stayed that way for a good 15 minutes) and I am not able to post my pictures. Also when I try to do an insert image...I right click where I'm posting, hit paste, then nothing happens.

    Is Paint.net having issues or is there something  I can do to fix this? Please let me know if you need more info from me about this or tall me what I need to do.


    Thank you for your time

  8. Here is a rough draft of what I have so far of this project using the effects of paint.net only. Please let me know what you think I should do to improve this.


    The project: I had this idea of a vampiress that will leave her victims smiling and mostly unhurt :biggrin:.






    Sorry I'm having some technical difficulties with Photobucket. Will post pic as soon as I get this issue fixed.

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