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  1. @Dan I believe that each type of bird, (not exactly each species, but each general kind) were made with a special type of skill (much like humans), and that each one of that type is slightly different for their specific needs.


    @Ego, I'm gonna agree with Dan and say around 6k years.


    As for neanderthals.. I'll have to agree with Dan again.


    Carbon dating? http://voices.yahoo.com/have-scientists-discovered-flaws-carbon-dating-7009058.html

  2. @Noswad: Have a bible. No need to take that tone.

    Yes you can adapt to the cold. This does not explain skin color for example. Which persists irrespective of the conditions which created the (largely racial) toning.

    The sun is billions of years old. Just like the stars and the earth. This is a scientific fact.

    I know, I shouldn't have said that.


    As for skin color, I believe Noah's sons each had wives of a different tribe (or whatever you wanna call it) and that the "allele" thing we were talking about happened, then again and again until you have many different skin colors.


    As for the earth, sun, stars, ect being so old, that is just something I won't accept due to my beliefs and studies on this subject.

  3. 5. With regard to that picture, I suggest you do some light reading into genetics. In particular, look into Mendelian inheritance; it states the following:


    Assume a flower has two alleles, both of which make it white - we will represent this with the genetic code 'ww'. Assume another flower has two alleles, both of which make it brown - we will represent this with the genetic code 'bb'. Now, e offspring of these two flowers will all be a different colour - pink, let's say. This is because they will definitely get a 'w' allele from one parent and a 'b' allele from the other. This gives the new offspring flowers the alleles 'bw'.

    When we get to the second generation however, this is more confusing. Assume we have two 'bw' flowers. What colour will their offspring be? Let us represent this in a table:

    X | b | w


    b | bb | bw


    w | bw | ww

    It is possible that the offspring will inherit a brown allele and a white allele, making them pink, 'bw' flowers; there is a 50% chance of this happening. However, there is also a 25% chance that the flower will inherit a 'b' allele from each parent flower - so it will be brown, even though its parents were both pink. The same thing applies for the 'w' allele; there is a 25% chance the flower will be white. Now, imagine that we are talking about human genetics and hair colour, as opposed to flower genetics and petal colour. The same logic applies; a child can have a completely different hair colour to both of their parents, given the right conditions.

    I agree with about everything. I was simply giving some possible reasons. After all, evolution is also simply a theory.


    As for that picture, I have studied genes and alleles in school, and I understand pretty well how they work. I was simply countering the "our ancestors had tails" thing. Maybe there the cord allele mixed with the cordless allele and the cordless one was given to the child. :P 


    @Welsh, I'm sorry if that sounded rude, I get rather touchy when I reply to things like this. I'll keep cooled off if we continue to debate.


    @Dan, I agree about the beak thing, though my views on it differ slightly. And, yes, I will keep it civil. Like I said, I get touchy on subjects like this, but I'll keep it down from now on.

  4. Life evolves.  It adapts.  "Only the strong survive" & all that.  To hold contrary views is just being contrary.


    So if we have established that life evolves it is unbelievable (to me) that you can't rewind this evolution to it's natural origin.



    That's got to be more likely than "God just wanted it - and so it came to pass".



    In a slightly oblique aside, believing in evolution is not at odds with Christian beliefs.

    Life does "adapt" life does not "evolve" if someone from Florida goes to Canada, they will adapt to the cold.


    As for "That's got to be more likely than 'God just wanted it - and so it came to pass'."  I'll give you some examples.. 1. Dinosaur bones. If dinosaurs lived millions of billions of years ago, then why have their bones not rotted? Because they were only there a couple thousand years. 2. Fish bones on top of Mount Everest. How the heck did fish get on MOUNT EVEREST!?!? The great flood. 3. The Earth could only POSSIBLY be a few thousand years old. The sun loses TWO whole feet in diameter every hour if the Earth had existed for millions of years, the sun would have been so large that the oceans would have boiled and there would be no water on Earth. and last but not least.. 4. The Bible was written years before scientists thought the Earth was round did they not? Well, in the Bible, it specifically states that the Earth was ROUND. Here is a link to the verse since I doubt you have a Bible.. http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isaiah+40%3A22&version=KJV


    As for that telephone picture.. WAhDLlL.jpg

  5. Not just you, but a lot of peoples and same me! I tried a few times, but was not lucky, the phishing programs took over! My protection program informed, that  official 'optimum' program is dangerous and deleted it! How I get  Paint.net then?



    Did you even read the rest of the thread?


    Alright. I will make this as clear as possible:







    Also, READ THE TEXT! It says:



    In the advertisement:


    Next to the download link:

  6. @Noswad finished the story and over 50% of the game. Keep up with me, bro! :P

    Hint: there is a bonus stage just to the south-west of Rivendell (you may need to finish the story to access it)

    Finished the game with my cousin when he was spending the week.  :smile:  But, we still only did 25% of all the stuff in it. :/


    Found the bonus level, (tell me I'm not the only one that enjoyed crushing Hobbiton and riding sheep?)

  7. Paint.net doesn't work as an image viewer.


    If you want to see your pictures, I suggest going to the folder from the "Start" menu and clicking one of the images, that will open up a program already on the computer that allows you to view your pictures without opening each one.

  8. Great minds think alike D:

    I'm making good progress through it already. Finished the Fellowship of the Ring, and partway into the Two Towers.

    Watched the Hobbit in theaters first too, so I'll have reviewed the whole LotR series (movie version) by the time I'm finished.

    Great books/movies/games aren't they?


    I hate to say though, I haven't even made it past weathertop on the game though (Stupid saving glitch put me all the way at the beginning of the game, so I played until weathertop.)

  9. Nobody got punched, kicked or headbutted.  Or stabbed.  Or shot in a cowardly fashion


    His dog ?  I don't know but I bet he cares more about his dog more than he cares about himself and any food goes to the dog first  

    :( I was hoping one of them got punched.


    Wow, he really cares about his dog. Not sure I could do that (Though I would make sure it got food).

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