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  1. Sorry for being bore,


    Same thing with 'Crystalize' (in Paint.NET and Ed Harvey Effects' page) and 'Crystallize' in the Index.

    Just want to help you to make Plugin Index precise! I'm not looking for mistakes but reading through the Index compare what I have and what not and how to use what I have :)

    (However in this case Oxford Dictionary of English sais 'Crystallize' is the only correct spelling, while Collins English Dictionary allows crystalize, crystallise or crystalise.)


    Sine Wave Distort Effect Plugin by MadJik is named as 'SinWaves' in Paint.NET interface. Perhaps it makes sense to add both names to your Index for easier searching.


  2. Hi Simon, Thanks for a great plugin!

    (Not sure whether this is the right thread.)

    I’m using IcoFX for editing .ico files. It has Blur Brush feature – it blurs pixels inside brush circle. I find it very handy.

    Is it possible to have such in Paint.NET?

    Thank you again!

  3. Hi!

    Just a note. In the Index Pyrochild's plugin is spelled as 'pixellate+', while in PDN and on Pyrochild's pages as 'pixelate+' - single 'l'.

    As far as I know (after consulting with the Oxford Dictionary :) ) both spellings are grammatically correct, however I couldn't find it in the Index using search due to this.

    Thank you

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  4. Thank you for a REALLY GREAT LOB!

    It is extremely useful, especially for those meet Paint.NET at first time, as me.

    Could you please include not just additional plugins, but those included with the Paint.NET itself for easier finding their descriptions.

    And I couldn’t find ‘Advanced Desaturate’ and ‘Invert Colors’ in the Index – why?

    Thanks again!!!

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