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  1. :shock: Wow - those eyes are also following my moves (and it spooked my cats! hahah)

    Positively fantastic - those eyes and nose are so nicely proportioned! - utterly wonderful just to look at, like one is in a museum!

    The elephant is stunning, but I'm blown away by the sketching and drawing that you do free-hand. It is a real gift. My scrawls look better as an example of a dead language, :lol:

    I also like how you take pains to label details on each layer!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration and keep it coming!

  2. Good Morning 8)

    I have just finished my album, and had as much fun doing the back-cover as I did the front. The great artistry everyone does here is inspiring, and was a shot-in-the-arm for me. I hope this is alright, and please give critique :D

    The first is the front, the second the back, and the last is the random image used:




  3. Hugs, everyone,

    I had come across this thread when I first joined PDN - I knew it was about the Magic Card Game, but had no other clue, and all of the discussion here sounded foreign.

    Well, I now wear a toga, and have learned this was the same card game which some of my family plays - I am still new at it, but decent enough for my son to

    "try out" his new configurations. Even better, this all makes wonderful sense!! Thanks so much for sharing all of this.

  4. Absolutely spectacular, Oma!

    I always enjoy viewing your art work, and how wonderful it is that the only limits are ones imagination and determination. Thanks for being such an inspiration. I love how you use light, reflection, glow, to travel through, bounce off, and encapsulate the graphics, with details galore.. I can stare at them for hours!

  5. th_ExplosiveSuperNova.png

    This is my attempt, but found when I performed the SeamLess Texture, the fracture was placed in the upper section, not the middle.

    I've placed this as a thumbnail links, as it does not look very good. I am enjoying everyone's creativity.

    Thank you for posting this - this was the quickist one I've done yet.

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