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  1. Soooo.... I'm no professional or anythign of the sorts and I still haven't mastered the art of making sigs that I actually want to make. They usually turn out pretty nice, but not the style I'm going for... Anywho, I dled PDN specifically to make sigs and the such for a forum I run (if you're into RPing, let me know ;) ) but instead I've just been playing with it :D Here's some of the stuff I've done. Feel free to comment and give constructive criticism where it's due!




    Trying to figure out layering using my own ideas.


    Another tut. Made this for my site and I think it turned out pretty well.


    Also for the site, using the parchment tut.


    My first real sig after just playing around with effects and seeing what looked right. I like to call this one, the Pollock Tunnel... bahahaha! *cheesy joke*


    The latest creation. I dled some plugins for the one sig tut and now I've been playing around with them. The last two have come out fairly well.

    Hope you enjoyed! Check back as I'm sure I'll be adding things to this!

  2. First of all,

    Cola: That's amazing and beautiful >.< I love it!

    JJ: Yours are pretty amazing too.... I'm playing around with PDN as I'd love to make sigs like that one day!

    Now, to keep with eevvee's theme, here's another Zelda sig. I just dled PDN within the last week so I'm still trying to figure out what everything does in the hope I can make some pretty fantastic sigs and avies :D Anywho, don't be too hard on me! lol... I hope you all like and if you have any tips, please do share!


  3. Well this is my first attempt at really doing anything with PDN... That being said, I really liked your tut! It was very informative and incredibly easy to follow. Anywho, go easy on me. Like I said, it's my first try! I think I might have made it too blurry....


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