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  1. Hey everyone. I want a portable Paint.NET (if it's legal) that will be able to run on a school computer. i don't know the .net framework so can't help you with that but is there one out there. A legal one!!! The reason I want to use it at school is for 2 reasons, we have photoshop but I am not a fan because i'm used to the paint.net layout and 2, for a school project i'm making a website that has tutorials on it with videos and stuff and on of the tutorials is gonna be about paint.net so i need to be able to use Paint.NET at school.

  2. 2) Post in the correct section. For instance, the Plugins and Tutorials sections are STRICTLY reserved for PUBLISHING ONLY. Do NOT post questions in there. Your post will be deleted immediately.

    6) Thread titles must be descriptive and specific -- NOT generic. You need to use descriptive thread titles. The following are examples of thread titles that are NOT ALLOWED:


    "Please help"

    "I need help"

    "Can you help"

    "HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!" (if you post like this you WILL be banned)

    "Tutorial request"

    "Feature request"

    "Plugin request"

    "Looking for..."

    "Looking for a tutorial / feature / plugin"

    "Can Paint.NET do this" ('this' is complete ambiguous here)

    "I'm a newbie"


    "I'm new"

    also, putting "HELP!" in any title is also not allowed, it's really quite obnoxious. We know you want help, that's why you're posting in the first place.


    This will be deleted. Ask the question in the General Discussion & Questions but with a better, descriptive title.

    Searching will help you

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