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  1. Wow I must be living under a rock. Never heard of these new iPod lines till I clicked on your links.

    I love Apple, and I love my iPod. (I have an older photo model.) It still works and holds a charge, so I'm not in the market, but I'd probably lean towards the nano video or the new classic (oxymoron alert!)

    I'm jealous of all the new video models, so that's really what I covet. The touch model is very pretty, but all that screen scares me. It seems like it'd be so easy to scratch. Plus, how do you get internet/wifi access without a monthly subscription fee? Sounds fishy to me -- what's the catch?

  2. Though I'm a couple years short, I remember when music was played on MTV, too... And for the majority of my life I was cell phone-less. (Alas, no longer.)

    I'm 22. Like barkbark, I will also be turning 23 in November.

    (It's weird how I now actually have to do math to remember how old I am. Like, I have to think for a second, am I 22 or 23? I never had that problem when I was 17, 18, etc. I guess birthdays are becoming more and more meaningless now...)

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