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  1. Well... what I did was:

    1. Make a new layer for your text. Type what you want, bearing in mind the size of the text bubble you want.

    2. Make another new layer, put this one under the layer with the text using the wee arrows at the bottom of the layer menu (make sure you have the correct layer selected).

    3. Draw an elipse around the text, best to use "draw filled shape" tool, up top. I find that if you use the "draw filled shape with outline" the outline isn't dark enough for what you will need to do next.

    4. Draw some lines in a conical shape to your 'speaking' subject.

    5. You will now, wether you used the "draw filled shape with outline" tool or not, need to go round the elipse with the pencil, best go over the cone for good measure.

    6. If done correct you should have no problem filling the shape with a nice bright colour (or color for all you Americans :P ). Don't forget the wee bit caught in the cone.

    7. There you have it, sit back and admire your lovely new speech bubbles.

    In true Blue Peter style, here is one I made earlier:


    Thx for the help. As I am new to this beautiful program which tutorials should I read to make text bubbles. As I don't know how to create layers.

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