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  1. Hi,


    I use paint.net for quick gfx edits so I was anxious to try out the 4.0 version since its early stages (at least considering its public versions). But there are a couple of things that bug me in the alpha version so I thought I'd register and report them:

    - big chunk of my usual actions is to select a rectangular area with "fixed ratio" set and then cropping to selection (ctrl+shift+x); with 4.0 when I select an area and crop it immediately, the lowest row of pixels in the resulting image is empty (fully transparent so that checkerboard shows); I usually use 392x116 ratio and select areas slightly bigger - in pixels - that his ratio; something can be wrong with rounding numbers, it worked flawlessly in 3.x even with such non-typical ratios; unfortunately this behavior is not 100% reproducible, I get such a blank row once per 3-4 times but it's consistent enough to be problematic;

    - sometimes I cannot switch to paint.net window other than the first window in the taskbar flyout (I use Win8); I can reproduce it if I copy an image from Google Chrome, paste it into paint.net, switch back again to Chrome and then try to return to paint.net through taskbar button.

    - not a bug: when I paste something on the picture, I would like cursors to move the pasted image, it worked this way in 3.x; in 4.x I have to click in right-bottom corner on the button with arrows and only then the program registers pressing cursor keys moving the image; couldn't it happen by default though?


    And I quietly hoped for this suggestion: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/6297-growshrink-selection-suggestion/ to be implemented. Maybe sometimes in the future? :)


    Other than this, great release, thanks a lot for your work on the program!

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