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  1. During the 4.0.10 update, paint.net seemed to have mysteriously uninstalled itself afterward. All that was left were my Effects and FileTypes folders.


    I tried installing the latest version, and at first it seemed to be working, albeit slowly. But then it got to here:



    It's been stuck here for almost 13 hours.


     The strange thing is, it isn't frozen. I've gotten no errors/notifications, Task Manager says it's fine, I can switch to and from the window, and the progress bar still has that little "moving light"


    Does anyone know what's going on?

  2. For some reason IMFDB (Internet Movie Firearm Database) has InuYasha categorized as Sci-Fi, even though it is about as far away from it as can be. Everything is based on demons in ancient Japan, and the only firearm shown is from the 1400's. So yeah... No idea how it got a Sci-Fi categorization.


    On that note, I definitely recommend InuYasha, which is classified oddly, but an awesome show nonetheless. (Start with episode 1, though. You have to see that one first or everything else will make absolutely zero sense whatsoever. I came in at about episode 55, and I had no idea what the heck was going on, but once I went back to the start, it all made sense!)

  3. I make Counter-Strike textures, too. Except I don't use Steam Workshop for them, because I currently make them for CS:S, not CS:GO.

    BTW, your textures are awesome, when I get Global Offensive, I'll definitely use you weapon skins!


    Wow. I remember that giant poopstain on the forum. That was way back when I used to visit the place as a guest without an account. Everywhere I looked, it was OMG YER YER YER! I went from aimlessly browsing to hoping that if I hit my monitor hard enough, he would be able to feel it.


    Bad times.