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  1. I want to make paint.net my default fast/first option image editor. But unfortunately the "Save Configuration" forcing an extra click on every edit makes it simply unfit. How big is the percentage of saved images where those settings are modified across all users? I bet one in a million.
  2. Your response isn't addressing my post in a proper manner. I'm not saying the configuration change should be removed. I'm suggesting it to be an option(setting) to display it or not. One extra click can mean 1 click a day for some tasks, or several clicks a minute for other tasks. If high-volume editing is not something paint.net is designed to target, then of course no reason to consider it. But this dialog is an odd choice to force.
  3. I want this area pink, but it bleeds into the green and blue lines, even over into the white across where pixelated line connects only by corners. How can I bucket fill like MS Paint does, with crisp fill boundaries?
  4. Yes, it's the same result with pixelated or antialiased selection.