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Ive been searching through all of the tut pages, but cant find a thing. i was wondering how do i take an existing image and use a texture on it? Like say i have a silhouette, wanted to leave the background (that is black) but take the silhouette and put an image in it (like a texture.)

can someone give me step by step of it? please?!?


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I can give you a couple of possible solutions:

1. Use the Alpha Displacement plugin with the texture, using the silhoette- whatever as your map -- the texture will then 'bend' to the shape you want it to.

2. On 1 layer, stick your silhoette, and on a layer on top of it stick your texture. Then go to layer blend mode -- overlay, Screen, or Multiply. These should be the ones that work in this case (If the abckground of your silhuette is white or black).

Hope I helped to answer your question,


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