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severe system hangs after 1st PDN freeze

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  • [*:1hisvwli]I accessed the Save As Png dialogue and cancelled, then wanted to exit PDN 3.31. PDN remained on screen.
    [*:1hisvwli]On a new Windows session, I accessed the Save As Png dialogue, cancelled it, changed the filename, reentered the Save As Png dialogue and saved. I then exited PDN successufully.
    • [*:1hisvwli]Then I started Opera. Nothing happened and the System freezes except for Vistas circle "wait-cursor" working. Even the power button doesn't initiate soft-shutdown anymore.
      [*:1hisvwli]I powered off my notebook and powered on again. I did not start PDN. Starting Opera fails with the same freeze as above. On next restart, opening Explorer results in the same freeze as above.
      [*:1hisvwli]I restart in save mode, disable Superfetch, restart Windows. Now Windows freezes as above when accessing the taskbar (it hides automatically on my system).

I am back in Safe Mode.

  • [*:1hisvwli]The Event Log doesn't show any error but an Information about 2 DCOM events wanting to access servers just before the freeze.
    [*:1hisvwli]This is a clean system. I just installed it last Friday and have only installed software when I needed it, hardly anything installed. It worked perfectly super smoothly uptil the first PDN freeze.
    • [*:1hisvwli]I installed .NET 3.5 prior to installing PDN.
      [*:1hisvwli]I have .NET 3.5 x64 from Visual Studio C++ 2008 Express Edition installed.
      [*:1hisvwli]I updated to ATi display driver 8.5 this morning but had no problems at all uptil PDN.

I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium x64 German and PDN 3.31.

Safe Mode seems to work. The thing is, the symptoms are identical to the first freeze which came directly after a procedure which caused PDN to freeze.

The DCOM event before the freeze wanted to start a server which has fdssdp.dll Function Discovery SSDP Provider listed in the registry. fd files like fdPHost and fdeploy have to do with WS-Suchdienst and Folder Redirection. (fdeploy is not fd-eploy, Ok ...) All Microsoft files.

I have got my Personal Files folders (My Pictures, Documents etc.) on a path on a mobile USB harddisk, which is always connected by USB.

The eventlog from system boot to last event after which only mouse pointer was working EXCEL and PDF Version

http://www.alice-dsl.net/l.hansen/Freeze%20Vista%20PDN.xls 384 KB

http://www.alice-dsl.net/l.hansen/Freeze%20Vista%20PDN.pdf 356 KB

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I enabled Superfetch again and normal Windows mode did not hang again. But I haven't started PDN or any .NET application so far. (And I don't intend to start PDN again, a shame considering the probs PSPX2 made on a previous installation and the scarce availabilty of decent image editing or creation applications). I hope VC++ 2008 Express Edition will not cause a hang when launching .NET. fdSSDP is related to UPnP and therefore has probably got nothing to do with the problem. I'm rather relieved right now. I'm ready to investigate the problem further and I hope you have some ideas however I will not launch PDN. Thanks, Lars

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