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A random project...


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At my college, we're supposed to be doing a mock political party rivalry; the two parties are the Allodoxaphobia (Fear of opinions) Party, who stand on the platform of killing people over 60 and rejecting any belief that isn't their own (contradictory I think...) and the Neutral Party, a brainchild of my friend and myself. The Neutral Party will stand on their beliefs until someone else agrees, in which case they agree to disagree and take a new stance. Also we don't like walruses with buckets, but that's another story, and you're here for some form of art at least since this is the Pictorium. Anyway, the rivalry has died down since some of the faculty decided to take down the posters and such so I decided to do my part with a negative hate ad.

It's a mix of Paint.NET and Photoshop (only because I couldn't get my Copperplate Gothic font in paint...which was odd) though originally it was intended to be Paint.NET only. I had to compile the list of words myself, since I couldn't find a database of pessimistic words (I might just start one, seems I'm bubbling over...). Anyway, I hope you'll get the impression I intended about the opposite party and for your information, the barcode reads "You Belong to Us" (Thanks for the plugin Sepcot!.) If I had anything else to say, I've forgotten because I worked on this from dusk til late evening for reasons unknown to me (could have been all productive and such.) Enjoy.





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I like it! The idea of covering the background with pessimistic words is a very good one, and the color scheme adds to the pessimistic tone. Good job! :D


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I don't know about any history but maybe I'm not thinking into it. I hung it up in print today, using a block pdf since we don't have a nice poster printer. It should evoke catch some eyes. I'm planning some more random posters too, since I was directed to basically cover the walls. I'm thinking grainy black and white Hitler in a car and other classic propaganda remixed, with the splatter effect for blood ;) Should be fun, at least a way of implying my thought processes on random people who will think "What?" since they will probably have no idea what's going on.

Hehe, figured out the history thing...nice nice. Anyway, I welcome suggestions, this mind can think but it only gets so far.

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