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Dock Image Left or Right

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Could you define a little more on what you mean by 'dock'?

Nothing in Paint.NET is dockable, however all the floating windows - Tools, History, Layers and Color - can be freely moved to the right hand side as you wish, just not clamped to the side à la Microsoft Word or Inkscape (don't know about Photoshop).

Ah! Or do you mean aligning the image to the left, as sabrown100 has just suggested?

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What I mean is that I would like the image window to be aligned either left or right, whenever it is smaller than the application window. This way, I can have all my tools on the other side of the app window. This is just a convenience for me. I know I can move it around. However, after zooming in/out, I would like it to return to a specific side!


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Are you referring to something akin to the GIMP or Photoshop where the image window can be moved, minimised, etc., as a separate entity?

Something like these screenshots:



If so, then no, it cannot be done, and is unlikely to change in that respect in the near future.

If this isn't what you're talking of, could you provide an example such as from another application which exhibits the behaviour you wish for?

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I thought as much after your second post. Well, it still stands that this is not possible in Paint.NET, and with the way the current 3.xx series is heading, it's doubtful it will change soon. Even Rick, the lead developer, has made no mention to or laid any desire to change the current user interface substantially, or the MDI (Multiple Document Interface - the image windows), in the next series of Paint.NET, v4.xx.

So for the time being, what you have is what you have.


The edit function is so you can edit your replies after submitting, usually used for correcting mistakes, formatting the content of the post, and/or adding additional information if it was forgotten the first time around.

If you have not alternated to the other Forum skin (prosilver), as in you're still on the default (subsilver2), then the Edit button can be found to the lower right-hand side of your post, and looks like this:


When clicked, you will be presented by the reply screen again with your post inside all ready for editing.

Hope this helps you.

Enjoy the rest of your day, PaulJayD.

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Myrddin -

Thanks for your time & effort.

I love PDN, but, being a retired programmer, always want to add my own touch (I can always think of a better way!). It is of course impossible to please everyone all the time...


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