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Sozo: I guess I did not get here in time to vote but I wanted to tell you how much I liked your's. I know it is a take on another image you did that I liked very much. Well done.


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Olympics, I take it you cut out the windows on that second one, and then had a black filled layer underneath?

Any chance you could make that layer a bright green or pink? I think it would make taking it off and adding random backgrounds in a lot easier.

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I just came across a website with some incredible photomanipulation of animals - morphing two different animals together.

Check it out here..... www.humandescent.com

Browse through the 15 page gallery for some impressive and hilarious 'Animorphs' and 'Animangles'.

I reckon something like this would be a great subject for the next competition.

Open choice to all entrants, pick any two animals and 'morph' them together. What'dya think?



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