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Welcome to the Photo Manipulation Contest.

Please discuss ideas on what you would like the next theme of this contest to be.

Please discuss #4's entries on the old discussion thread, and not this one

Current Contest

Please Discuss #7

Previous Contests

Photo Manipulation Contest #1: Backyard Tree

Winner(s): Crimson, Wither, and Madjik

Photo Manipulation Contest #2: Finish the Building

Winner(s): Pyjo

Photo Manipulation Contest #3: Female Makeover

Winner(s): Pyjo

Photo Manipulation Contest #4: Pimp My G8

Winner(s): -Expiration-

Photo Manipulation Contest #5: Designing The Board

Winner(s): Jake2K

Photo Manipulation Contest #6: Changing The Seasons

Winner(s): Jake2K



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Jake2k's idea is pretty good, but instead of putting anything on the bill board, it could be an advert for Paint.NET.

I was thinking the same thing. Its decided! Sunday the contest will start. Please dont start till Sunday



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