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(currently is going to be pretty lame, but I want to see what people think of these)


From the exploding planet tutorial, my first ever PDN creation.


This is the same dried mud planet, but using 3D shapes instead of bulge.


A similar red planet, I like this one quite a bit so I added some rings...


I followed the explosion tutorial for this one, which came out pretty good,


and Finally ( a combination of some of the above elements), A birth certificate for the element aluminum (Chemistry project)(This is the version full of typos, its fixed in the final, gotta love proofreading) :


Source images: http://www.aspenphotoworkshops.com/gall ... ed+mud.jpg

Hopefully I'll move on from my "planet phase" into some more interesting things as my skill with PDN improves. :lol:

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I like your non-planetary-explosion best. Th birth certificate was puzzling until I read the caption. Then I loled. Chemistry makes me happy. :D


Click on my signature image for my gallery | hmmmm...

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