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Layer Folders?

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Hi all,

Im new here and I love paint.net so far. Please forgive me if this has been asked or is already touched on somewhere else. If it has been then id be happy to follow any link regarding the topic you post and it would be appreciated. =)

I was merely curious if there is a plugin to support folders in the layer window. Or if the functionality is already there. I searched on the forums to no avail and I didnt notice anything in the help section about folders in the layers window.

Thanks for your time and great work to all whos contributed. I love this application so far. =D

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Hey wolfen, welcome to the forums.

You used the Search first, which is a great start, but if you'd check The Rules, rule number 1 asks that you also check the Popular Feature Requests thread before making a feature request. And, sure enough, Layer Folders are in there, second from the bottom.

Now, since they're in the Popular Feature Requests thread, no one has posted about them in some time, which is why the built-in forum search probably won't find it (its indexing was cleared in the move from PHPBB2 to PHPBB3, and any existing posts at the time of the swap weren't re-indexed), but there is an external search engine at searchpaint.net that does in fact find the answer to your question (there's a link to it in The Rules as well ;) ).

So, as the Popular Feature Requests thread says, Rick wants to get them in, but it'll require the framework changes he's making for 4.0 before it could even become a possibility. Since it's in the Popular Feature Requests thread already, and Rick already thinks it's a good idea, no further discussion is really needed, so I'm closing the thread. Please make sure to check out The Rules as linked above, and when in doubt, use the searchpaint.net search engine - it's run by Google, and everyone knows Google is awesome. ;)

(As an aside, a feature like this would require actual integration into Paint.NET - the PDN effects architecture doesn't allow plugins to touch the Layers window, so it would have to come in the form of a program update, not a third-party plugin.)

Again, welcome to the forums, and I'm sorry to have to close your first thread. :)

Thread Closed

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