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MadhatterL7's Gallery New Pics!! 8.25.2008

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Pipp's rudeness does not excuse yours.


The Doctor: There was a goblin, or a trickster, or a warrior... A nameless, terrible thing, soaked in the blood of a billion galaxies. The most feared being in all the cosmos. And nothing could stop it, or hold it, or reason with it. One day it would just drop out of the sky and tear down your world.
Amy: But how did it end up in there?
The Doctor: You know fairy tales. A good wizard tricked it.
River Song: I hate good wizards in fairy tales; they always turn out to be him.

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Amazing, amazing, amazing! :P

Thanks for the kind words.

a lot of good 3D here! as starburst said: Amazin!

Cool glad you liked them. Thanks for stopping by.

I like your stuff...

My favourite is the one with the olympic rings nice glass/metal effect...

Thanks for the words. Yeah I liked that one too. It is currently my desktop at the moment.

They all look Great. I hope you keep posting more just so we can look at your wonderful work. Don't listen to pipp's rudeness as it was not called for. Thanks again for sharing your work.


Thanks for the words. Don't worry i will do just that.

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May I ask if the sunken ship in the underwater picture is done with pdn. If it was can you make a tut on it. I just have to say again that your work is the best I have seen by far. Only can say WOW!


Everything in that pic was done in PDN but the ship. The Ship I used was a stock pic of a rusted ship in a graveyard. The rest of it is really a compilation of of tuts in pdn. If you want Because I do not have the time right this second. (got to get ready for work). I can post the links I used a a base for the pic. If I remember right it is a lot of zoom blur dents and layers used to create the water. Anyway I can dive more into it later.

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