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How to change Start Settings

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how can i change the initial Settings of e.g. Tools and Colors on Paint.NET-Startup?

I want to avoid some Clicks and need all the time the same Start-Settings (Color: Red, Tool:Line, Style: flat, solid, arrow). I use Paint.NET mostly to explain some Screenshots (Arrow to important parts etc.)

Maybe i can manipulate some xml-files for those startsettings or maybe it is not possible without compiling new?

Thank you!



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yes I beleive so.

see on the top that paint brush in the tool bar ( you need not the floating tool box but the drop down box) clik that. the first topic is chose defaults. I'm 99% sure you can manage to change most of those things you mentioned. I'm not sure how to change the default colors though. I'm not even sure if you can. will be interesting to read what anyone else says about color changes.

ciao and welcome to the forum.

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Thank you "Oma", that is good!

I see that Paint.NET saves those Defaults in:


But not readable, unfortunately. And the color is not within.

But anyway - thats already something!

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Sorry, Oma, I read too quickly. Yes, you managed to describe in less than a thousand words what I needed a picture to describe. ;)

Anyway, I do not believe you can change the default colors. However, you can put your most used colors at the start of the palette and have easy access to them.

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Ooh -- while on topic -- what about canvas size?

If I ever start to make something serious in PDN (not just trying an effect or scribbling) I always have to go through and set it to 1280x1024 (my desktop size)

Any way to chane the canvas size in the default chooser?

Much appreciated.

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I also would like a Preferences page.

When your program is opened directly (NOT by opening a File), I would like to control (pre-set) -

- Canvas Size

- Where Files will; be Saved.

- Which File type will be used (jpg instead of png)



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