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Long pause on every new image/image load

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Hi. Every time I create a new image (usually pasting from clipboard) or load an image, I experience a pause of around ten seconds in length, where the program locks up completely (it doesn't even redraw). Is this a known bug?

I am using v3.31, but I have been experiencing it for a while with at least one previous version.

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I don't mean to be disrespectful, but it's not a case of my machine simply being underpowered. It's an average modern-ish machine, and certainly doesn't take ten seconds to create a bitmap in memory under normal circumstances. It is an issue with Paint.NET reacting unhappily with something on my machine, and possibly others - it's not that I don't have a fast enough CPU or not enough RAM.

The OS and graphics card are relevant details, as it may be a configuration issue. XP & Geforce 2.

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Graphics cards are relevant details most of the time as a lot of the new cards can support Paint.NET. However there are cases were computers use on board video which eats up memory. A really old card may not be able to support Paint.NET. I have not seen that yet and I am sure a old GeForce 2 can support Paint.NET. It does seem odd that a "modern-ish machine" would have such an old video card in it. Modern video cards today in GeForce series are GeForce 7, 8, and 9. Most people are using 7 and 8 as 9 only just came out. NVIDIA does not even put any drivers lower then GeForce 4 MX on there main download page for drivers.

So as I was asking what are your system spec's. Not to be disrespectful but no matter what it going to be asked as it information that is needed for troubleshooting. More detail the better. It will help us rule out problems.

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It's a modern-ish machine. I didn't say it was bought within the past three years and is designed for running Quake 2873. It's fast enough to run any modern application with reasonable performance.

This isn't the point, however. If the application stalls on the creation of a simple bitmap there's something wrong. Even if my processor were a P75 and the application was using system memory for the bitmaps, a 640x480 bitmap should be created faster than I can visually and mentally perceive.

The graphics card is relevant because some quirk of the architecture may be causing the problem. It is not relevant because of performance issues.

I've noticed this problem has occurred with very tiny images being loaded/pasted. Paint.NET must be doing something strange.

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Do you have any video files in the save/load folder? There are some AVI codecs that cause slow-downs with the process.

Also, please don't be obstinate about the system specs. I understand that you don't think they're relevant, but they might be.


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