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Why doesn't Paint.NET support TWAIN Scan ?

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AFAIK the project doesn't accept 3rd party code.

But I can in no way be sure that is the actual reason.

I don't think thats it at all. Just go to help and click about. Then scroll through the Credits. You will see things like TGA File Format support code adapted from the CxImage library by David Pizzolato, http://www.xdp.it/cximage.htm.

FremyCompany you never know that website may be of help to Rick and who know maybe you will be able to get TWAIN to work along side WIA. It all depens on what has to been done. Only Rick can decide if he will be able to do it and put out a public copy of Paint.NET. However seeing you got the code and you want TWAIN you could download Paint.NET code and add it in yourself to see if it works. I am not joking, many people would love to know if it can work.

I not sure how good it would be though seeing even the guy who made it says you should use WIA for best performance

All code was only tested on Windows 2000SP2, with an Epson Perfection USB scanner and an Olympus digital photo camera. The scanned picture is (by TWAIN spec) a Windows DIB, and the sample code has VERY little checking against error return codes and bitmap formats. Unfortunately, no direct method is available in .NET to convert a DIB to the managed Bitmap class... Some known problems may show up with color palettes and menus.

Note, TWAIN has it's root in 16-Bit Windows! For a more modern API supported on Windows ME/XP, have a look at Windows Image Acquisition (WIA).

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Ok, I'll see if I can implements this code into Paint.Net or not.

I've downloaded the code, but I must install VS2008 because the project doesn't open in VS2005. I'll see if it's possible to do it quickly (Express editions are very light) and then I'll try to edit the code.

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