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Rate the website design of the poster above you

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Rating of Yata's website


Colour Scheme

Seems a basic black to me. I will not rate this aspect as I will wait to see how the theme fits with the overall site.

Intention Emphasis

4/10: I can currently not see the purpose of the site unless I read the text on the main page. The header currently only shows the initials RR and my best guess is that people will not continually look at the titlebar to see the intention of the site.

How to Improve: I suggest adding a slogan to the header and possibly including the main links as images on the main page.


2/10: I can currently see no images apart from the header. In my opinion, images allow the user to easily see the content subject without reading the post for this purpose.

How to Improve: Add images to break up the content. If you cannot provide these, Stock xchng has a large collection of images of which most use a license that allows use in a website.

User Interest

3/10: Unfortunately the website does currently not immediately show the user the content available on the main page. In my opinion, if a user arrives on the main page, they will be more interested in links to the content than a description of the site.

How to Improve: Add visible pointers to the content on the main page. This could include graphic links to the newest content or pages (with explanation to advertise them. Alternatively you could place a blog on the main page giving links to the newest content available on the site.

Just my 20 pence. :)


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@NCfan: When I look at your source, everything is commented, even with instructions for the code... Just to get this clear, if code is publicly available, like on W3Schools, or a site techsupport forum, i think it's okay to use it. But this code looks very professional. Minimalist? Yes. But professional nonetheless. All in all, it looks like you took a free template, (Which isn't wrong either) took off all the "This template was designed by *addnamehere.com*" text, replaced it with your Lemenge copyright, and then changed the graphics. On top of that, if you would have written that code, why not show us sme of your better works? As this seems really plain and content-less...

This is just what it seems like to me, please tell me if I'm wrong.


Btw, sorry Sabrown : Gradients = Win. Same goes for "shadow" under your page. The only people who can afford that minimalism, are people who really have something to say , and add to it the most colorful words; pictures.

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I did create it myself :? . I put instructions in the code so that I can remember what to do months later. And If you look carefully in the CSS, you can see how amatuerish it is:

1. It displays incorrectly on monitors below 1024x768 (which is pretty much unheard of in templates).

2. I've never really understood the CSS sprites technique, which many templates use for buttons, so I have 8 in total images for the navbar.

3. The CSS is very sloppy, (look at http://dbahn.zxq.net/lemenge/button.css) and there is a mix of shorthand and longhand.

4. It messes up completely in IE6 which is used by what, 20% of people?

5. If you want I could explain exactly without looking at the source code how it was done, and I can make a screencast on how to redo it from scratch.

6. It really wasn't that hard...for the header example, I had two divs, one for the center aligned actual header image, with a z-index of 1, and a background div below that one with a width of 100% tiling a gradient on the x axis.

7. 7 is my lucky number...so yeah...

EDIT: For the last point, that's why they call it "rate the website design of the poster above you" not "rate the content and random ramblings of the poster above you".

By the way, your link is dead.

EDIT2: Nevermind.

TPBM: Rate stephan



I am a disco dancer. +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+

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Your lack of Website link is disturbing... Thus the "honor" goes to Brandon.

I can't describe it in any other way then "plain". There's just the lines under the header to decorate it. There is a thin line between minimalism and emptyness. This one crossed the line towards the empty side a lot.


Check the preferences, and set another theme if you want. It works in FireFox and IE7.

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Off-topic note: Why is there a login form but no register page?

The person below me rate Stephan.

It's all still WIP. You can log in with any name, but nothing happens apart from the side changing, and you being able to log out.

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*Digs up topic*

Ryuin, you do realise that the link on your page results in an ad-ridden "blog"? Otherwise... 2/10 The colors don't match, (There is no pallet!) the footer and main content do not match up, and a website consisting of a an image and a div doesn't have a future on itself. If you have a newer site to show, I will be happy to rate it again for you.

Get it going.

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TPBM My new site I made today(still under construction)http://www.manga-masters.blogspot.com

You will probably not like the content no many people are into Manga, but hopefully you will like my template I made.

1: You're supposed to rate the person above you first.

2: Isn't this... Illegal?

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This post is just a note about KonArtists website, I ask the person below me to continue rating his.

In my opinion, too much of page real-estate is taken up by the banner. I agree that a banner can be useful in conveying a site's purpose and carrying branding. However, I believe in the principle that a website design should focus on content rather than branding. From my 1280 x 800 screen resolution I could only see the top of the first post.

There also seems to be an unnecessary large amount of white-space below the banner, see the image below:


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awesome, sleek and does the job 9/10.

please rate http://www.soasis.piczo.com (its my friends site) I still do not have one :(

The homepage looks cool, with the cheeta and all, but it's a shame the followup pages are all still under construction... Also the ads are a real site waster. With ads I give it a 7, but without an 8/10.

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