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Bug: Move Pixels tool snap to selection border size too big

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I'm in two minds whether to consider this a bug or a suggestion. I'm considering it a bug since this feature makes impossible the following task:

When editing an image at pixel level (when creating pixel art, minute adjustments etc) at high magnification (800%), using the selection tool select a small region of pixels (5 x 5).

Press the M key or select the Move Pixels tool. Attempt to move the selected area to a new position. This is impossible because you will only be able to resize the selection by dragging the selection borders.

Paint.Net seems to 'snap' mouse control to the selection borders if it is 8 or 9 pixels from the selection border. I suggest reducing the snap area to 1 pixel from the border, or to remain on 8 pixels but then do not count the pixels that have been scaled to 800%.

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I just noticed similar issues have been reported. Apologies for making a redundant post.

redundant ? Yes a search would have been the best thing to do 1st to see if anyone else had the problem and if there were any methods to fix the error. If search was a fail then you would have no choice but to post for help.

Opening old topic ? No if the topic is old and the person is having the same peoblem as you but you could not find your answer then it best to create a new topic instead of bring a old one back to life.

It just keeps a clean list of bug reports I think.

Anyway back to your problem. When you select a small area you will need to go out side the area you selected to move that selected area without resizing. You can have an object selected at the top of the canvas and still be able to move it by clicking anywere within the canvas. You don't have to try and move the selected area by clicking it directly.

Hope that helps.

If you need to know anything else just ask :).


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I recommend zooming in to get pixel perfect selections. The problem lies in the fact of how many pixels your computer monitor can withhold and how many pixels are on your canvas. I wish I could explain more, but atm I am a bit to choked up to explain any more.


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