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Paint.NET as image viewer?

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just wondering if there are any options/good ways to use paint.net as image viewer? i'm thinking about a next button showing the next image in the current directory etc. do i simply not find it or is there no option for these things? and is it planned? would be nice if you coul get rid of your iamge viewer and use only paint.net :)

and is it possible to optimize the startup times of paint.net? it's starting a little bit slow ):

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maybe some sort of an image tray down the bottom, so you can quickly open images

I like that idea... I would love it if it was a "growing" like bar (like the Mac OS X dock). That would be cool...

And maybe if it was multipurpose like an option to show recent images in there. It would be nice if you could just drag an image from there into the current one to add it as a layer.

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That's what Windows Explorer and the XP Image Previewer are for! PDN is an image editing program...I just don't see why it would be an image viewer as well. What software have you used that supports "View Mode"?

Lots of them, but among free ones check out Faststone Image Viewer and Picassa2.

Happy '4th' to all

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Yeah I'm not sure how this would be of any benefit over XP's built-in image viewer applet.
Hi Rick~

The benefit is that a viewer (hopefully with orgainization features as well) would be seamlessly integrated into Paint.net!

Have an enjoyable & safe 4th! ~aaron

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