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Request: Multiplier on "Fixed Size Select"

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I'd like to have a multiplier on the Fixed Size Select tool. Essentially, if I'm going to crop a picture to a particular aspect ratio (say, to create an avatar), the normal method would be to use a fixed ratio select, crop, and scale. That scale operation, however, is going to be some non-round number in general. If I'm not mistaken, scaling something down by a factor of 2 results in better quality than scaling down by 2.01, due to subsampling. Right?

So, if my end goal is to create something that is, say, 200x240, and I have a 2000x2000 image, I'd like to specify "200x240 times Y multiplier," where I can modify the Y multiplier as I see fit. Specifically, I'd likely use a nice, round number like 4 or 8.

This may seem like bloat to you, but I'd use the feature quite a bit.

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