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How to save and email pictures?

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hi all, Im new to this site and I have question. I've made a picture that I want to keep but I don't know how to save it without taking me back to the paint.net website? can I not save a picture to my pictures on my computer? How can I send it thru email if I want others to look at it?

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it saves the picture so then when I go into my pictures and click on the new picture that I just saved it takes me back to the paint.net website, where I can see my picture but I was wondering if I wanted to upload it on myspace or send it in an email. does it always take you back to the website?

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are you sure you aren't referring to the Paint.NET program?
LOL! That is the most annoying misconception in the world...

My lil brother-in-law always ask me if I can show him the website I use to make the bloody potato I do...it's not a website!! :lol:


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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