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The "Wish You A Logo"- Game

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The rules are easy:

I'll start and post a picture of a company logo and the next guy has to recreate it via PdN as close to the original as possible. If you wan't to participate write a message like "I'm working on it" or something so no one will take your turn. After one day your reservation will be invalid and the next one can book the turn. If you've done your work, post it and you can wish a new logo.

Got it? m'kay here we go:


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You cant get in trouble for remaking a logo just for the fun of it haha

Really I got a feeling that a lawer and a judge would think differently on that matter. The truth is you don't know that for a fact. I not saying MS is going to come after you if you start making copys of there logo. I don't think they would care as they got way more on there plate. But who to say that they couldn't ? What law is there that stops them from coming after you for recreating there property with out there concent ?

I think it time for my "copyright infringement" story were at age 14 or 15 (long time ago) my 1st free website was shut down. It all started with me adding the Windows Media Player image to my site and linking it to the Windows Media Player website for downloading. Something that many websites do and is no big deal as Windows Media Player even puts out images for the web so you can do this. So a week later my website is shut down and I got a letter saying that I abuse the TOS by adding a copyrighted image to the website (they had the image name in there and it was the Windows Media Player one).

Man that was long ago I can't even remeber the name of the webhost anymore, anyway the point of the story is that it don't matter what you think but only what they think. No it was not MS who got mad at me but the webhost. I can understand it as it there necks if MS wanted to sue and not mine. Now that was an image MS gives to people to link back to there free product. For all you know forumer could have some rule about this just to keep there necks out of the water.

Really copyright in USA are so strict?Just interest

Depens, I know somethings they are but only some as I live in Canada. The things I know of, I only know because they think they can force Canada into the same laws on them.

Like Warner Brothers bans movie previews in Canada because we wont do as they say to cut down on piracy.

EG: You are not aloud to film a movie in a movie theater in the USA as it is illegal. But here in Canada you may get told to leave the movie theater or get your camcorder taken from you but it not illegal to do it unless your making money from it by selling it after. Well as far as I know it not illegal yet. More and more movie makers are pushing.

Hey you can read about it here if you like:

http://www.reuters.com/article/entertai ... 6220070508

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You can make any logo or copy any copyrighted text as long as you don't use it for personal use. I can go right now and make the windows logo, the mac logo, whatever and post it right here in and theres really nothing they can do about it. Now if I were to make a program and incorporate their logo somehow in the program then I might be in some trouble.

So I'll except this first logo and I should be done later tonight, I think this will be a fun game.


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as long as you don't use it for personal use

So you are allowed to use it for commercial use but not personal use?

He's using the term personal use as 'using it in something' as his example described.

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My take on the dilemma is that if you claim you created it, you're in trouble.


If you say you recreated "whatever's logo", then you're not.

Simple and sweet.

All they want is the ability to say they own it, it's theirs, don't USE it as your own.

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No, sorry, it IS a possible copyright violation. In any case.


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