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PDN as Graphics Design Independent Study

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My friend and I have proposed a digital art independent study for our school and the chances are that it will be accepted. Since we would be the first students to have a Digital Art independent study, we would pretty much be developing our own curriculum.

Since we are a private school with limited funds, we will probably be using PDN. Any suggestions, resources, tips, etc, would be appreciated.

Here is our current proposal:

Graphic Design/Digital Art independent study

Subjects studied:


Signature pictures

Photo edits


Computer freehand drawing

Pixel images

Desktop art


Credit: Art (fine art’s credit)

Graded by: Mr. Bitikofer and Mrs. Bieber

Intentions (goals):

The purpose of a Graphics design class would be to gain experience and deepen learning in the digital arts field. By incorporating all of the above categories into the class, we would be able to further deepen our understanding of computer graphics. This will provide us with experience needed to, if decided upon, jump into a graphics design program in college and provide us with an education in fine arts.

Along with creating artwork in the above mentioned areas, we would be actively developing a “curriculum” so that it would be possible to teach others. The “curriculum” would include background and introduction, designated sections (periods of time) for specific types of art, grading criteria for each category of digital art, and setting personal student goals or projects.

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Yeah BoltBait or Teaches With PDN would both be helpful. They've dealt with this sort of thing in the past.

Also, I think that Signatures and Avatars are more for a forum - I don't know if they would fit very well with a whole graphics unit. Tags, and other things like that, however, I think would.

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