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Black and White Picture / MONTAGE

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Hey i need some help,

In 8th grade in art class we took pictures of ourselves w/ a light shining from one side. Then we basically made the picture black and white, resulting in a scale of about 7 different shades of darkness. Then we drew a big grid on a huge posterboard and redrew our picture, but filled in patterns and shapes in the corresponding level. (sort of like where you have little pictures but when you look far away its 1 big picture, such as a persons face)

I want to redo this but dont have the program used at school, and can't remember it. Basically i want to black and white a picture but not all nice and blended. Sort of choped into 5-7 shades of black that are distinctly outlineable> Does anyone have any idea what i mean?

If so, is there a way to do this with the Paint.net program, or any other i can get offline?


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well I don't think we have a plug in to do this exactly. but think this method may work, (I haven't refined and tested)

load picture, plugin selective color. pick 7 or 8 shades of gray white etc.

load the pallet and apply to the picture.

to get patterns might be a bit of work but the quickest way I can think of is after you have picture in the grays using above plugin set tolerance at 0 and use magic wand on a color then

use the bucket and shift key with instead of solid color one of the patterns. that could possibly work.

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