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"Save As" does not work since update

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Since upgrading to 3.31 I can't save files in any other format than what they were orginally. My website will only recognize jpg's and gif's so I used PDN to "convert" tiff's or eps's in order to upload them on the site. Although the program goes through the process of saving as a gif or jpg or other format, they do not appear in the folder. When I close the file and then try to select it from the "open recent" files it is listed without an extension and I get an error message that says: "The image type is not recognized and cannot be opened." :? :cry:

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Actually, the problem seems to be with the file name. I generally name my files the creation date using a numeric format ie: 05.06.08. The new PDN does not seem to like this. When I changed the name of the file using alpha characters it works fine.

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the problem is the dots in that format. It thinks it a file format called .06.08.

There are a few solutions, the best one being to use an underscore instead of a period. Another would be to explicitly denote the filetype in the filename after entering the date. Those are probably the simplest ways. Not using periods would be preferable.

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