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'advanced' erasing

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hi every1

ive been using paint.net for quite some time & it truly is the best program ever. Nevertheless I'm still missing this little thing

image a stupid picture like this:


but i want the sides of this blue thing to be perfectly straight

now if the background is white, i can easily draw a thick white line next to it, as an eraser, to the edges become nicely straight. however, with a transparant background, thats not possible, i need to use the eraser which gives me another crooked edge because of my un-steady hand. I could try a way around with layers & magical hands & stuff, but then my border isnt anti-aliased. So what i need is an eraser, and a line function, in 1, if u know what i mean. so i could make a line, which serves as an eraser.

damn this is hard 2 explain but i hope u understand what i mean.

is there some kind of plugin for this? or a small function that i have looked over?

thanks in advance


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wow, thats cool & ye it solves the picture i made in the first post, tnx a lot

but what if i want, to fix this:


this windows logo has a transparent background, but as u can see, it isnt very nice cut

so id like to erase straight-edged with some kind of erasing tool

as im showing here with the pink line

to end up with straight, anti-aliased edges


isnt there a tool that lets me erase like that?

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For you windows logo, add a new layer, move it to the bottom, fill color black.

Don't just fill color on the same layer as the logo.

Edit: Nevermind, the checkerboard is not really transparent..


In this win logo's case, you best bet is Color to alpha then feather

See attachment.



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