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If you mean the ones that look like clouds, then here's a quick way to do it if you can't do them by freehand.

Draw a load of circles like this...


Then fill in all the gaps so it looks like this...


Now select the cloud bubble and then create a new layer. On this new layer paste the black bubble.

Colour the bubble on the top layer white and then scale it down a bit by selecting it, hold shift, and use the pointer tool to drag the corner.

Then it should look something like this...


Now select the layer that has the white part of the bubble on, and do a gausian blur on it by about 2 units. This will make it look a bit better.

Then just make a few of the bubbles to make a picture!


Hope this helps.

PS: im not an emo

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Those bubbles are rubbish compared to my new amazing super amazing awesome way to make them.

I can't remember who showed me how to do this but they are from this forum. They had a tutorial to give text an outline so I shouldn't really take the credit for this....

Well anyway heres what to do..

Make a black cloud like this...


Then make a layer on top of it and paste the black cloud onto it. Colour the bubble on the top layer white.

now select the top layer (with the white bubble on) and gausian blur it by about 5 units.

Now gaussian blur the layer with the black cloud on it by about 20 units and then duplicate this layer about 10 times

This will leave you with something like this.


Now flatten the image into one layer and then sharpen the whole image by the full 4 units. Do this twice and you will be left with a nice crip bubble!!!


I know the edge is a bit thin!!!! so to fix that, scale the white bubble down a lil bit before you flatten the image and do the rest as normal. You should be left with something like this...


Then just draw your picture!!!


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