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Request: Pressure Sensitivity Options

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With my newfound pressure sensitivity in a non Wacom tablet in Paint.NET, I would like to request Pressure Sensitivity Options such as: Turn Off Pressure Sensitivity (No way to do that with a Genius), Pressure Sensitivity Tollerance, and Pressure Sensitivity Range (i.e. no smaller then 5px no bigger then 40px)


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what would Pressure Sensitivity do and what is it, and how can it be used?

It varies the tone of the brush by the amount of pressure when drawing with a tablet.

Oh, i see, thanks!

This would be a good idea IMO, even though i don't own a tablet (probably never will) but i think it would be immensely useful in Paint.NET.

Merry Christmas


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I wish I had a pressure-sensitive drawing tablet of my own so I could integrate pressure-sensitivity into things like splatter and my other canvas-based plugins...

EDIT: *hint hint*


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I really hate necroposting but it was either this or open up a new thread...

I really want these features, or at least the ability to have Paint.NET stop looking for pressure sensitivity. My tablet should not work with Paint.NET, and as such I understand if it is not officially supported but trying to use this equipment that I bought solely for Paint.NET is simply not working because of pressure sensitivity. If it comes down to it, then I will build my one version of Paint.NET without pressure sensitivity. The only method I have of getting rid of it is uninstalling the drivers or plugging it into a different USB port.


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