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PDN download zip file corrupted?

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For the past couple updates (3.30 and 3.31 for sure, maybe even earlier), I have been getting strange unzip file errors. I try to unzip it and the resulting exe file is only 0 bytes or another file size that is still smaller than the original zip file (makes no sense whatsoever...). It usually freezes at 6% when it is unzipping and then I get the error.

Also, if it does get unzipped and I try to run it, whether as normal or as Admin, (I'm on Vista) I get an error saying this is not a valid win 32 file.

I have the base 3.22version exe file that I use and then update from in program whenever I need to install or reinstall PDN.

Thanks in advance!

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BUMP/Update! :D

I did some trouble shooting on my own and figured it out. It seems that my 3rd party Vista file unzipper (Alzip) was at fault. For some reason, it did not unzip this particular file correctly. When I uninstalled Alzip and used the default Vista file unzipper, the exe came out just fine and the installation works. Maybe this will help someone else who has a 3rd party file zipper :D .

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