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Welcome to Cooldude2222's Gallery!

Hidden Content:
Note: i am now gonna be reformating my gallery as my photobucket account got deleted so, some images might not show up. Don't worry, i'll try to work as fast as possible to fix my gallery. Damn that photobucket


Well, as you can see from about, i am just an ordinary boy with normal likes and dislikes!

Though a frequent PdN user, i do not think that i am a pro with it and am alway willing to learn how to achieve new looks with this marvelous program.

And now, down to the graphics!

Work in Progress - Project Vista

[th_ProjectVistav11.png] [th_WIP___Project_vista_v2_by_cooldude2.png]

Picture on the right is the latest one.

How's the current version? Opinions needed.

Trying to recreate vista.

99.9% Paint.net. 0.01% Reference images and photoshop tuts. :P

Dock icon concept:


Well, this is my dock icon concept for....well.... dock icons for use with objectdock or rocketdock. (simply any dock program around)

I don't really think it is nice but am not sure about what makes me think so.

Well, constructive criticism needed for this one!

Monster hunter freedom 2 Sig:


A sig made by myself when i was bored quite awhile ago.

Twists + Sepia + Negation + Difference

Comments appreciated.

OLD Radial Strike Banner:


Well, Radial Strike is a game i am making.

This banner wasn't really a planned work and was done with a dump of effects.

It turned out quite nice.

NEW Radial Strike Banner:


It was planned this time and wasn't really a mess.

Radial Gradient + Border + Gaussian Blur + Twist

Abstract Wallpaper:


Lightrays, tree gen, paint bucket, eclipse, rounded rectangle, transparency and a little of drop shadow.

Thumdrive concept (would also be an image which i'll be using to "watermark" my images with from now on):


A replica of a photoshop tutorial.

Rainbow Bars (One of the few pictures in which i'm testing out the "thumbdrive watermark")


Well, it all started out with "spamming" of rounded rectangles. I then went dents>Gaussian blur>dents>Gaussian blur for a few times to end up with a nice little "rainbow-like fractal". Then it went, Gradient bars>overlay or screen>Gaussian blur 2pt. Tadah~

Also, if you don't mind, please tell me what you think about that "watermark".

Computer or Life? (another picture in which i tested the watermark):


Started with gradient bars and jitter, trying to get something different from Ash's fur tut. Then i played with blurs and decided on zoom blur. It somewhat looks like a passage way which narrows down in the end. Inspiration then struck, and i made this "digital hallway" where one would take, deciding on his natural life, or his digital life.

Stock image (field at the end of the path) take from here.

Similarly, if you don't mind, please tell me what you think about the "watermark"

Desktop Screenshot:


Well, simply put, its just my desktop screenshot. lol.

XP Made Leopard.

Printscreen, fractal mandelbrot, zoom blur, Rotate/Zoom, drop shadow, transparency.

Website Template:


Here's my website template.

Though not really made with paint.net, it was put together using paint.net

Comments on how it looks is appreciated.

Comments for my works appreciated!

Until next time,



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The WinAmp Button is STUNNING! it all looks pretty neat and well designed

radial Strike is cool , with Brushes?


wear our signature and earn 50 studiocredits. pm me your username if you want to participate.

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The WinAmp Button is STUNNING! it all looks pretty neat and well designed

radial Strike is cool , with Brushes?

Lol, no.

You've got it all wrong.

Just some everyday "cool effect IMO tuts" lines-polar invert

Added with tile reflection and twist :)



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I really like the thumbdrive, I should try to make something similar. Do you have a link to the PS tutorial you'd like to share with the rest of us? :D


:) Visit-> My Website <-Visit :)

Please Call Me Elite Override

The trick to flying is throwing yourself at the floor and missing.

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I like the Rainbow Bars best, and if forced to choose between the computer and my life, I'd probably choose the computer as that's where Paint.net is. :P


Click on my signature image for my gallery | hmmmm...

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