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Suggestion: Colors Window mouse-click operation/consistency

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This is not quite a full feature request, but there's a niggling issue with the Colors window that I have been meaning to mention; it's by no means a major issue, just a point of consistency that (in my opinion) could be fixed/amended for better operation.

When using the Colors window, for selecting Primary and Secondary colors, when the focus is set at 'Primary' you can left-click on the main color wheel to select the primary color; currently right-click does nothing. However, if you use the color palette below the wheel, you can left-click to select a Primary color and right-click to select the Secondary color.

Now, if you switch to Secondary color (from the combo) a left-click on the color wheel selects the Secondary color (as you would expect) and right-click still does nothing. In the palette area, left-click changes the Secondary color, but now right-click still also changes the Secondary color (you might expect that it would change the Primary color).

The same continues in the expanded colors window, with the RGB and HSV values - only left-clicking can change the Primary color (or Secondary, if you have this selected from the combo).

Now, I am not a programmer, nor familiar with the capabilities of configuring mouse-click actions, but my question is, is it possible to program the left and right mouse buttons to control the Primary and Secondary color choices in the color wheel, palette and RGB/HSV sections all by the same method - left-click adjusts the Primary and right-click adjusts the Secondary (and vice-versa)?

In fact, if this were possible it would negate the need for any drop-down combo for selecting Primary and Secondary color to perform adjustments, as all Primary and Secondary colors could be selected/adjusted by use of just the left & right mouse buttons. Is this something that is possible?

I would like to suggest, at the very least, that when the user has selected Secondary color, that a right-click in the color palette should change the Primary colour; as this would be consistent with user experience when in Primary mode.

Does anyone else agree, or have an opinion on this?




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Makes sense to me. Seconded, if it's not too difficult.


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How do users adjust the colors' alpha?

If there is no drop down.

Unless there are 2 sliders all the time which controls the 1st & 2nd colors' alpha.

My initial thought was that simply the act of right-clicking on a color management area could switch the focus from Primary to Secondary, but thinking about it further, it would probably be best to stick with the drop-down for toggling and using the advanced properties (in the extended window).

But I do believe that in the basic window, full left & right click control of both the color wheel and palette would be useful; without having to switch between the two.

Getting even more radical, the Colors window could be altered to allow maximum control in the normal window, by moving the manual selection of Primary & Secondary to the 'extended' area and bringing in the Alpha Transparency to the normal view. If users had full left/right click control in the color window the only need for manually switching between the two would be in the 'extended' area for control of RGB & HSV values.

The focus of the Alpha Transparency could always remain in the Primary colour, and the user could use the 'bent arrow' to toggle Primary & Secondary - thus changing the focus of the Alpha control. Alternatively, if we had full left/right click control, you could adjust the Alpha value of the primary and secondary colors by either right or left clicking on the Alpha slider.

I find I use the Alpha control a lot more than manually adjusting the RGB or HSV values, so it would make sense for this control to be available in the standard colors window.

Something like this...


I don't want to get too sidetracked from the original request, which is full right-click control of the secondary color in the wheel and the palette.



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