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m i s e r y . G F X . s h o w c a s e

After my Photoshop had crashed I decided to use Paint.Net after a friend of mine recommended it to me. I started off with a rocky start as seen below with my first sig but gradually gotten better at it. a lot better. I'd like to advise you that for the sigs below I did not use any form of brushes besides the first one. But I don't think you'd count it [CLOUDS] as a brush. I just added a new layer, pasted the premade brush from and lower the opacity on which setting suits it best. Learned it from a tutorial to whom people said was a waste and was worthless. I love curves. Curves was the best thing ever created. Anyway enjoy. I'll post along end edit this post when I make more. I posted links so it didn't consume too much space. Enjoy =]

first sig;


sigs/banners onward . in no order;











They're the 'good' ones I done so far. The * symbolises the phase when I learnt to blend and use brushes.

[ R A T E // H A T E // E A T A P A N C A K E ]

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