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big trouble installing pdn

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i have a bit of a major problem that seems to have started out of the blue with pdn 3.1 . , it started with the prog not opening but quickly spiralled into two days of frustration ( and almost a broken pc ) ...ive tried running it only to get ...THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THIS WINDOWS INSTALLER PACKAGE , A PROGRAM FOR THIS INSTALL TO COMPLETE COULD NOT BE RUN . CONTACT YOUR SUPPORT PERSONNEL OR PACKAGE VENDOR. ive tried removing it from the program files only to get ...FATAL ERROR DURING INSTALLATION .... ive tried re-installing to get ...PAINT.NET SETUP FRONT END HAS ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM AND NEEDS TO CLOSE , WE ARE SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE .....ive read all the help files in here .., tried to install dotnet 1.1 ( that wont install or run and windows update .net 2.0 service pack 1 wont install either . so what with not being able to get rid of it , not being able to re-install it , not even being able to install updates to try and install a new copy im at the end of my rope ., short of doing a system recovery ( cos ive already done two restores) , and tried the msicuu2.exe and that didnt work either .....got any suggestions ???.., before me and mr hammer do a hard reset on the box of ?????

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done all that , still no joy ...tried the how to repair .net 2.0 .., input the lenghty stream of typing , pressed ok and got i ITS NOT ACCESSIBLE !!! filename , directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect.....what now ?????? hah typical ....go through all the rigmarol of attempting to solve it and everyone goes to bed .....oh well never mind .., i like pdn to , spose ill just have to do a system recovery and lose the lot

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