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Would you mind posting thumbnails? That way people could easily see your artwork and things would look more aesthetically pleasing than a bunch of URLs.

Welcome to the forums. :)

Ok I made them into thumbnails now, and thanks for the welcome. :)

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You can use clickable thumbnails so others can click and see the full size image.

Check your last sig, I've edited it to a clickable thumbnail for you.

Click on edit button to see how it is done.

Good luck.

Ok thanks very much I edited the first image now.

@ simple: thank you also and I'll try to follow the cutting images tutorial.

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Ahhh I see you got over your internet problems. glad to see you've opened a gallery for yourself.

love the first sig. there were still a few stray pixels that needed to clean up around that fellow I cut out for you. If you still have in layers (PDN) form use the eraser and get rid of those little stray bits around the outside edge. same this the other two icons. If you don't have keep in mind for next pictures you do.

look forward to checking in and seeing your work from time to time.


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