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Getting the last folder Paint.NET has used.


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OK, So I was just wondering, and haven't found anything through searching, where can I get the path of the last folder that Paint.NET has used. The one that Paint.NET uses when it launches a new open file dialog. Thats if plugins are allowed to use it of course.

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So that, in the plugin I'm making, when I launch an open file dialog, the user won't have to navigate all the way back to the last directory they were in to open files, the same way you don't have to navigate around when you open two consecutive files in Paint.NET.

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OK, so I got it working using the registry key, I would prefer to just use a method already provided by Paint.NET, but I suppose this will work for the time being.

What would really be good is if Paint.NET had code for quickly making an open file dialog with all the file type filters and everything pre-set, by working out what file type plugins it has available.

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Please don't tell me your plugin looks directly through the computer's ram and gets the path from there?

How is that even feasible, much less practical?

By the way, Curtis, you can use PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.Settings.CurrentUser.GetString("LastFileDialogDirectory");

I'm not sure if that's legal, though.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with getting it straight from the registry, either.


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