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AlphaMask Brush v1.7

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There have been many requests for an alpha-mask feature in PDN and also a plugin - but this plugin simply imported an alpha-mask saved as a file.

This plugin, in a similar fashion to custom brushes and polygon tool, allows you to draw an alpha-mask onto the image and see the results the minute you let-go of the mouse button. You can even continue work on the mask after you click OK by simply re-opening the plugin.

Update Log


  • Fixed undo bug.
  • Added option to show image in mask creation window.


  • Overlay image option now default.
  • Changes are now made when checkbox state is changed.
  • Selected colour reveal panel resize window problem fixed.


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I bow down at your feet.

*quivers in excitement*

EDIT: I don't like the UI...You have to basically guess, making it near impossible to do anything with the plugin. Wouldn't it be easier if you had the image on the plugins canvas?Also, both the undo and reset buttons don't work for me.



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This looks pretty awesome. :-) Nice stuff. I'm impressed, sabrown.


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has anyone compiled all the plugins into one swift install?

That's not a good idea. Trust me.

Plugins get updated all the time, a huge single download is bound to have outdated and obsolete plugins.

Just grab the plugins you want from this forum. Most of the really great plugins are pinned in the top of the plugin forum for your convenience.

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I am trying to download Alphamask brush 1.7. When I click the download button at the top of this forum the link takes me directly to your plug-in pack which I already have and the alpha brush isn't part of it. Is there another link or is there a problem which is going to be rectified? I have seen what can be done with this brush and was looking forward to experimenting with it. Thanks for everything that is in the pack by the way, especially the mini-brushes! I hope that I've posted this in the right place because I'm still not very familiar with how the forum system works.

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