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I downloaded 2 weeks ago paint.net and started working with it.

First of all, why I am working with it. It's plain simple. I'm addicted to an PC race game with an own mapeditor. The game is Trackmania United, for all these, who want to know. And there's a site where you can upload your own work and a good screen gives you more feedback about your map, whats always a good thing. Its like always in life, a good presentation is the half rent.

So I started working with paint.net, after a mate of mine recommended it to me.

Here you can see my first work. I think it has become good for the first time but im not very happy about the fonts. Well I had a limited amount of it anyway, but im searching already for some good font sites. Still I think the fonts is the hardest stuff to do, but I didnt found a beginners tutorital here. Only for advanced users. May you can give me some tips and also some feedback to my first work would be nice.

This is the original one made ingame.


and this is the final work. Im not really happy with the font, but its the best I could do yet. The "One Handed Knife Fight" is the name of the map.


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Very cool colors in the second pic!

Why did you feel a need to twist the text? Where you trying to make it look like it's on the hill? if so - try using the rotate/zoom tool in Paint.NET (Under layer adjustments). You can then flip and rotate it however you want.

Anyways -- http://www.dafont.com is a good font site. It has plenty of fonts that pretty much go with anything you're trying to make.

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I really like the way you adjusted the contrast on the first one- the trees look especially nice, and good job on rendering the car on the far right in the second one. 8)


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thx Zizoiz for ur nice praise, didn't want to spam, otherwise would've said something earlier hehe.

Here a new one:


Didn't made much on it. First I sharpened a bit and then I cut out the parts I wanted to do black&white. For the font I used "Drop Shadow" & bulged it a little.

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I made this Pic for a Bannercontest for a Website:


I know, the Car still sucks. Next week I get a new PC and can do the screen of it with much higher Quality. Should look better than.

Anway, some Tips to improve? Especially some tips for rendering would be nice (well, this one looks so bad, due to the bad quality of the original Screenshot)

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