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Gaff Cards I made in PdN

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I think that this could possibly fit in General Discussion, but I think this is a better fit.

As I am sure not many are aware what a Gaff Card is, it is a specially printed playing card used by magicians. (ie: a reveal card. A person picks a card, say a 3 of Hearts, I do a move, and I use the Gaff cards to reveal there card.)

I edited them using PdN. They probably won't look like much to you guys, but it is really hard to come up with ideas for the cards.

I know there are a lot of them...

Zoom Twisted

Just a Zoom Twist

Exploding Ace

I applied the exploding planet tutorial to a ace of diamonds. Actually took a long time.


Simply each pip twisted once.


magic wand + weave effect. nothing to great.

Taped Up

Custom Brushes.

King talking

Line tool and text. Easy.


basically a really obscure idea. read the back part first.


Custom Brushes.


Custom Brushes.


took a LONG time. cut each strip out and added drop shadow and then pasted and twisted each one.

Run Over

This took a lot of trial and error.

Reveal 1

Example of a reveal.


pretty simple. A drop shadow makes it look good.

School PaperRip

Same basic idea of above


Rectangle Select. Easy.


Custom Brushes.


another Reveal

Missing Help

just text basically.

2nd Part reveal

Look at "First Part Reveal" first.

1st Part Reveal

another reveal


simple crystallize effect

In the slammer

This took a long time too. Had to get it so the hand was holding the bars...


mad this on Saint Patricks day

Focal Point

just used Focal Point



Everything gone

Just a magic wand/delete and drop shadow

Dirty Reveal

Custom Brushes again

Envelope, closed

I made the envelope...it is ok I think

Envelope, open

the reveal part of the above card.


Just a last little easy effect I did.


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