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kernal's art thread


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i do comics. i take them from my notebook, scan 'em in, and ink it in with the :PaintbrushTool:brush. it took quite a bit to get used to the sensitive pressure.

this one's the first one:


i'm thinking of using the dodge tool on this one, just to see what happens...

another one: (Click for larger)


this one has shading, just not soft shading.

whaddya think? funny?

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I like the cell-shading type style in the second one, too.

it's easy, just a layer multiplied on top of the colors. i love it when simple things have an impact :D

here's another one, i think i messed up the hair, used a median to try to control it, didn't work at all... well, you be the judge:


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Thanks for all the positive feedback! :D

Not bad, in fact, I like it! :D Which tablet do you use? Wacom? I want to buy a tablet but the budget is a bit tight :wink:

i use a Wacom intuos III. they're good, even at a smaller size... bamboos are pretty cheap, plus you can look around for a student discount, cut the price even more.

although; getting something besides wacom jeopardizes the pressure stuff working right. right?

New pic: the original lines were by RabidMSTie, i just inked 'em.


it was pretty awkward. true story.

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a new one:


excessive use of :RecoloringTool:Recolor, no?

maybe i should use some highlights... i'm playin around with the gradient... because frankly lower-alpha brush still sucks :D.

i've had some ideas for workarounds (check to see if pixels drawn that click exceed the alpha set in color menu...) but, i've got no clue how to edit it, let alone the language.

so in the meantime, i've been lasso-ing, and an :AlphaChannel:gradient of white.

side note:(should i be doing this, posting each image each time... or edit and add smaller links to the big pictures in the first post? i've seen it done both ways by various users, mostly mods now that i think of it)

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