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Curled back, torn edge

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Hello :)

I'd like to learn how to make curled back torn edges like this curledback-tornpaper.jpg

I did a search and saw the tutorial on the torn edges, but I'd like to know how to go a step further and have the edge curled/turned back...

Would someone be able to explain or give a tutorial on how this is done?

TIA! :)


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this will work! Thank you so much! :)

I have another question... someone just explained to me that in photoshop there is a plugin called Xenofex - that creates nice ragged edges that you can then either leave as they are and add a drop shadow to or add noise and then create the appearance of the paper being torn back through the layer.

Is there a plugin like this for PDN?

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Oma, thank you for your reply! :)

I will play around with this... That is closer to what I want to do.. :)

I apologize to everyone for the second question in a thread...(a friend of mine just reprimanded me for doing that, I didn't realize that was "forum faux pas") :( I guss I'll start a new thread about the xenofax plug-in...

I am a PDN beginner and was really hoping for a step by step tutorial on the example I gave at the beginning of this thread - multiple curls and tears on the same edge... if that's possible.. I'd greatly appreciate it :) thanks..

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